How Do You Spell Hindrance Or Hinderance?

How do you use vociferous in a sentence?

Vociferous in a Sentence Examples Until you are not vociferous about your problems, others will not be able to help you.

The mob was vociferous.

The campaigners had been vociferous about the issue from a long time.

The vociferous argument continued for a few more hours but no good came from it.More items….

What impediment means?

1 : something that impedes especially : an impairment (such as a stutter or a lisp) that interferes with the proper articulation of speech. 2 : a bar or hindrance (such as lack of sufficient age) to a lawful marriage.

How do you use hindrance in a sentence?

Hindrance in a Sentence 🔉My youngest sister is always more of a hindrance than a help when she tries to assist me with a task. … While I was concerned about my daughter’s cold, I did not think it would be a hindrance to her school attendance. … The lack of money is the biggest hindrance we face in opening our cupcake shop.More items…

Is Hindrance a word?

Word forms: hindrances A hindrance is a person or thing that makes it more difficult for you to do something.

What is the opposite of hindrance?

Opposite of something that impedes, or stands in the way of, progress. blessing. benefit. advantage.

What is the verb of hindrance?

Hindrance refers to the act of slowing things down, or the thing that’s causing the problem, like your “helpful” little sister. … It’s the noun form of the verb hinder, which is “to get in the way.”

What does hindrance mean in a sentence?

Any person or thing that hinders; obstacle; impediment; obstruction. noun. 0. 3. Something which hinders: something that holds back or causes problems with something else.

How do you use suffer in a sentence?

[S] [T] We suffered a pretty big loss. ( … [S] [T] You needn’t suffer in silence. ( … [S] [T] You’ll suffer because of that. ( … [S] [T] He had suffered a heart attack. ( … [S] [T] He is suffering from toothache. ( … [S] [T] He was suffering from smallpox. ( … [S] [T] I am suffering from a bad cold. (More items…

How do you spell hinderance?

Archaic spelling of hindrance.

What is the meaning of hinderance?

Definition of ‘hinderance’ 1. an obstruction or snag; impediment. 2. the act of hindering; prevention.

What does vigilance mean?

Vigilance is the state of being watchful or alert for danger or some other kind of trouble. Vigilance is the noun form of the adjective vigilant, meaning watchful or alert.

What type of word is hindrance?

noun. an impeding, stopping, preventing, or the like. the state of being hindered. a person or thing that hinders.