How Many Lakes Are There In HP?

Which caste comes under SC in Himachal Pradesh?

Lohar and Julaha with a population of 153,519 and 139,286 respectively along with Kori and Chamar constitute 76.6 per cent of the total SC population.

Three other SCs, Balmiki, Hali and Doom having population in the range of 29,141 to 75,678..

What is a tribal area?

Article 244 (1) of the Indian Constitution defines Scheduled Areas as the areas defined so by the President of India and are mentioned in the fifth schedule of the Constitution. In India, there are 10 states having scheduled areas. Article 244 deals with the Scheduled and Tribal Areas.

Which is the biggest village in Himachal Pradesh?

DahlanDahlan is the largest village of Himachal Pradesh. It is two kilometers from the border of the Punjab district of Ropar. The village has sub-divisions: Dahlan, Upper Dahlan, and Lower Dahlan, including बड़ैहार, Kuhi, चिलैआल, Johorowal, and Pakhubela.

What is the state game of HP?

VolleyballVolleyball is ‘state game’ of Himachal Pradesh. Explanation: The state game of Himachal is Volleyball and there are a lot of players who are international sportspersons from Himachal Pradesh.

Which is the highest lake of HP?

Renuka LakeRenuka Lake. The largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh, this lake is named after the goddess Renuka. It lies in the midst of a thickly-wooded valley in Sirmour district in Himachal Pradesh.

Which is the largest administrative division of HP?

The state of Himachal Pradesh is divided into 12 districts which are grouped into three divisions, Shimla, Kangra and Mandi. The districts are further divided into 69 subdivisions, 78 blocks and 145 Tehsils….Administrative divisions.DivisionsDistrictsShimlaKinnaur, Shimla, Sirmaur, Solan2 more rows

Which is the largest city of HP?

List of cities in Himachal Pradesh by populationRankNamePopulationCensus20111Shimla169,5782Solan39,25658 more rows

What is the old name of Himachal Pradesh?

TrigartaTrigarta:The state lay in the foothills drained by three rivers, i.e. Ravi, Beas and Satluj and hence the name. It is believed to have been an independent republic.

Which is the smallest district of HP?

Highest,Largest,Longest and Smallest in HP:Largest District Area-wiseLahaul-SpitiRainest PlaceDharamshala in KangraDriest PlaceSpitiSmallest District Area-wiseHamirpurSmallest District Population-wiseLahaul-Spiti20 more rows•Sep 10, 2015

Where is Chanderkup lake in HP?

Chanderkup Lake : It is situated at an elevation of 3450 mts (14000 feet). It is one of the many lakes in the upper regions of Chamba towards Dharamshala. During summer season ice blocks keep floating in it to make it a memorable scene.

How can I reach Renuka ji from Delhi?

From Delhi, it’s a 71/2-hr drive. Take NH1 to Ambala via Panipat, Karnal and Pipli; NH72 to Nahan via Narayangarh; SH to Renukaji via Do Sarka and Dadahu. Chandigarh airport is connected by daily flights to all metros.

Is Nahan a hill station?

The picturesque hill town of Nahan is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and is the headquarters of the ancient Sirmaur district. Nahan sits amidst the Shiwalik mountain range at an average elevation of 932 meters above sea level.

How many tribes are there in Himachal Pradesh?

705As per the Census of India 2011, the number of individual groups notified as Scheduled Tribes is 705. Tribes of Himachal Pradesh are scattered in different parts of this state and have occupied 0.4 %percentage of India….Scheduled Tribe of Himachal Pradesh.Total Population of HP68,64,602Literacy Rates of ST Population in State73.6%4 more rows

How many cities are there in Himachal Pradesh?

659 cities659 cities in himachal pradesh.

Where is Renuka lake situated?

Sirmour districtRenuka lake is situated in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh in India and it is 672 m above the sea level. Renuka Lake is located at a distance of 37 km from Nahan and 60 km from Paonta Sahib covering an area of 2.5 km.

Which district of HP has lowest Scheduled Tribes population?

The Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti districts, in their entirety, and Pangi and Bharmour (now tehsil Bharmour and sub-tehsil Holi) Sub-Divisions of Chamba district constitute the Scheduled areas in the State, fulfilling the minimum criterion of 50% S.T. population concentration in a C.D. Block.

What is the old name of Chamba?

With the land thus obtained, the new capital was built and named as Champa after Chamapavati, the King’s daughter, which, over the years, was simply shortened to “Chamba’.