Question: How Far Is Bhimbetka From Bhopal?

How do I get from Bhopal to Bhimbetka caves?

All buses going to Hoshangabad, Betul, or Panchmarhi from Bhopal go through Obaidullaganj which is very close to Bhimbetka.

You can board these buses from Nadra Bus stand or ISBT.

Get down at Highway treat Bhimbetka (3km ahead of Obaidullaganj).

Then walk 3 kms to Bhimbetka caves..

How do I get to Bhimbetka caves?

how to reach bhimbetka caves and rock shelters. Bhopal is the nearest airport and railhead to this place. Bhimbetka is connected to Bhopal via Bhojpur. The Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka are located about 45 km south east of Bhopal, on the road to Hoshangabad and can be reached by all available means of transport.

How far is Bhojpur from Bhopal?

901 KmsDistance Between Bhopal to Bhojpur Is 901 Kms , Duration, Driving Directions & Route Map.

What is bhimbetka famous for?

The Bhimbetka rock shelters are an archaeological site in central India that spans the prehistoric Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods, as well as the historic period. It exhibits the earliest traces of human life in India and evidence of Stone Age starting at the site in Acheulian times.

Who found Bhimbetka caves?

WakankarWakankar had discovered 700-odd rock shelters, spread over a 10-km area in Bhimbetka. The caves have paintings which, according to scientists, were created approximately 30,000 years ago, in to the Palaeolithic age. UNESCO had declared Bhimbetka a World Heritage Site in 1970.

Why is it called the Bhimbetka caves?

Bhimbetka is named after Bhim, the second brother among the Pandavas in the Mahabharata. Some locals believe that Bhim rested here after he was exiled along with his brothers. Legends also say that he used to sit outside these caves and on top of the hills to interact with the people in the area.

Who is the founder of Bhimbetka?

WakankarWakankar (one of the most renowned archeologists), discovered these caves in 1958. The word ‘Bhimbetka’, derived from ‘Bhim Baitka’. These caves are named after ‘Bhima’, one of the five Pandavas of Mahabharata.

How far is Bhopal from Delhi by train?

694 Kmnew delhi to bhopal Trains Route DetailsNumber of Trains from new delhi to bhopal30 TrainsDistance from new delhi to bhopal By Train:694 KmFastest Train from new delhi to bhopal :MAS NDLS EXP(02433)Slowest Train from new delhi to bhopal :KRBA ASR SPL(08237)

How far is Sanchi from Bhopal?

About 46 kilometresAbout 46 kilometres northeast of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh lies the Sanchi Stupa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a landmark structure in tracing the evolution of Indian architecture starting with the Maurya period.