What Course Can I Study Without Literature And Government?

Which course can I study with d7 in literature in English?

Courses you can study with D7 in Literature-in-English.

They are: History and International Studies.

Archaeology and Tourism (you must have at least pass (D7) in Mathematics..

What are the best courses for art student?

These are top Art courses for Art students in secondary schoolCreative and Visual Arts.English.Political Science.Psychology.Theater Arts.Linguistics.Music.Mass Communication.More items…•

Which course can I do without literature?

These are the list of courses you can study without LiteratureAnthropology.Arabic Language.Arabic studies.Archaeology.Christian Religious Studies.Comparative Religious Studies.Creative and visual arts.Economics.More items…•

Is public administration a good course?

Well, Public Administration jobs are very rewarding, considering that after completing a degree, you can work for the government as a public administration consultant, city manager and you can even become a mayor one day.

Can I study political science without literature?

Now, political science is a social science course which means its core required subject will be science-based rather than art subjects. … With Literature being a core subject for the Art department and not for the science department, it should be quite easy to get to study Political Science without Literature.

Can I use civic education to replace government?

Functions Of Government Can Civic Education replace Government the Answer is NO If you are a student who is confused about choosing your nine Waec subject especially thinking on how to replace Government with Civic Education or replacing Civic Education with Government, then you are making a wrong decision.

Why is civic education a compulsory subject?

Civic education is essential for the existence and sustenance of democracy since it teaches the citizens the basic tenets of democratic process, principles practices and fosters in them the zeal to participate in the political process. … With the knowledge of civic education, governance is made much easier.

What are the four subjects in jamb for public administration?

JAMB Subject Combination For Public Administration Without further ado, the JAMB subject combinations for Public Administration are English, Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject.

What course can I study without English?

These are the courses you can study without credit in English LanguageAgricultural Engineering.Animal Nutrition.Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology.Animal Science.Animal Science and Range Management.Computer Science – Under Science.Computer Science and English Language.Education and Chemistry.More items…•

Can I study public administration without literature in English?

You can study Public Administration without literature. I will advise you to include a Language in your O level subjects. For the record, if you are one of those students seeking admission into any universities, college or polytechnics in Lagos State, Yoruba Language is compulsory for Public Administration.

What course can I study without government?

Courses that you can study without GovernmentAccounting.Banking and Finance.Business Administration.Business Management.Cooperative and Rural Development.Demography and Social Statistics.Geography.Industrial Relations.More items…•

Can I gain admission with e8 in literature?

With this, the university requires you to write Literature-in-English but passing it is not compulsory. You’ll still be considered for admission with D7, E8, or F9.

Is civic education compulsory in Waec?

Making Civic Education compulsory for candidates in WAEC doesn’t mean you must pass it. It must just be written. And unless it’s required for your proposed course, you don’t necessarily need to have a credit pass in it.

What are the courses under public administration?

Students prepare for careers in public administration through studies of global public policy, international finances, economics and management….Master of Public AdministrationFiscal management.Program planning.Policy research.Public programs.Accounting management.

Can civic education replace government in jamb?

No Civic Education in UTME Subjects As a result, they want to sit for Civic in the place of Government. Unfortunately, this is not possible. JAMB doesn’t include Civic in the list of its subjects for admission seekers. Instead, you have Government, History, and the likes.